Cremeria Ecijana Carabao Milk Pastillas

Available flavors:

  • de Leche
  • de Ube
  • de Keso
  • de Pandan
  • de Malunggay

Price per Pieces:

  • 20pcs for ₱120
  • 12pcs for ₱60


Pastillas, our beloved milk candy ever since we are still a kid. We considered it as one of our favorite dairy products because of its addicting taste. You know that it is not only the sweet and creamy taste that we want but also its benefits in our body. Cremeria Ecijana offers you a healthy, sweet and creamy pastillas made form a high-quality carabao milk. Available flavors are de Leche, de Pandan, de Ube, de Keso, and de Malunggay.


  • Dairy products are a good source of nutrients for growth and development.

So, you can have fun sharing the Cremeria Ecijana Milk Pastillas to your friends and family. With different flavors, different kinds of fun!

You can read here the benefits of carabao’s milk.

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