Drink Carabao Milk to Gain Weight

drink carabao milk to gain weight

Tired of being skinny? although you eat a lot, you’re still skinny. I have a solution, you can drink carabao milk to gain weight. But let’s understand why are you skinny.

Why skinny people can’t gain weight?

If you are a skinny person, then you could be underweight. There are a lot of reasons why skinny people are underweight. It could be irregular eating habits or poor selection of food. Instead of healthy foods, some prefer junk foods which leads to inadequate nutrients and calorie intake. Have a faster metabolism or you’re so active that you burn more calories. According to Healthline, other reason for being underweight could be Celiac disease, diabetes, cancer or infection.

How can Carabao’s milk help you to gain weight?

There are a lot of methods for gaining weight; one of them is weight lifting, eat healthy foods with a lot of nutrients, and eat a lot of proteins. Milk is one of the most nutrients food that can help us in gaining weight. And the most milk that has a lot of nutrients than cow or goat milk is the carabao’s milk.

Buffalo’s milk, commonly known as carabao’s milk contains a lot of nutrients that the body needed. Local governments in the Philippines even used this in their health program to prevent malnutrition. This milk considered to be the finest milk among dairy animals. According to the Philippine Carabao Center, “buffalo milk has 58% more calcium, 40% more protein, and 43% less cholesterol compared with cattle milk.”

Source: Pepper.ph

Other dairy products made from carabao’s milk also have nutrients in them. Carabao’s milk not only for gaining weight, but it also has other health benefits. It’s a good thing to include milk in your daily meal because it’s like a win-win situation. You can gain weight and also you can become healthier. And don’t forget to change your eating habits and also to exercise.

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