Carabao Milk Health Benefits That You Need To Know

Carabao Milk Health Benefits

We know that carabao’s milk is very nutritious, but what is it for you? This article is all about carabao milk health benefits.

Carabao Milk Health Benefits

Often consumed drinks nowadays are soft drinks, beers, and juice. And milk is just for kids, senior, health conscious, those who need it and to those people who drink milk because they wanted to. Kinds of milk like powdered milk and processed milk are can be found in the store. But, there is a milk that is considered underrated; that is the buffalo milk or commonly known as
carabao’s milk.

Philippine Carabao Center describes carabao’s milk as “The most complete food” and is even used in local government health programs to prevent malnutrition. According to them, “it is considered, as the finest milk among dairy animals and almost on par with human milk”. Also, Carabao’s milk is richer and creamier than cow’s and goat’s milk.

According to Organic facts, these are the carabao milk health benefits: Improves Heart Health, Growth & Development, Boost Immunity, Improves Circulation, Bone Strength, and Regulates Blood Pressure. click here to read more.

Improves Heart Health

Carabao’s milk has less cholesterol, so it can help to reduce the risk of heart attack. Carabao’s milk contains more fats, so moderate intake is the key.

Growth and Development

Carabao’s milk is impressively high in protein content. It is good news for the growth and development of children and adults considering that protein is needed in our body. Because protein is needed by the body to build and repair tissues and can also be used as energy.

Boost Immunity

Carabao’s milk contains vitamin A and vitamin C. For the functioning of our immune system and the overall protection of the body, it needs these vitamins. Zinc and other traces of minerals in this milk can also act as antioxidants and immune system boosters.

Improves Circulation

It also contains a lot of iron, and iron is an important component of red blood cells. With the increase of red blood cells, it increases the blood circulation. Because of that, it can prevent Anemia.

Bone Strength

It also has higher calcium that is good for the bones for better prevention of osteoporosis.

Regulates Blood Pressure

Carabao’s milk contains more potassium which helps to lessen the effects of sodium. And also, to ease tension in your blood vessel walls, which helps further lower blood pressure.


Carabao’s milk is really rich in nutrients and good for the body. So, if you want to be healthy, drink it regularly, but be aware that it contains more fat. It can destroy your diet and you can have difficulty in burning fat if you have a slow metabolism.


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